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One day 3 lads were exploring the dangerous lands of SlintCraft, in what is now known as the Other World. The Other World is now a forbidden land, a disgusting land. Thousands of years ago, the SFR (Soviet Fucking Russia) was formed in the Other World. They sought destruction to everything they see. With the help of their evil god, KingGambino_. You may have thought Mickeycrickey was a god but she is not, KingGambino_ uses /sudo to posses her and make her do unthinkable deeds. One day the three lads, Percy, Messiah, and Shadow got sick of the dictatious rule of the SFR, so they seeked out the legend RFR (Ronald Fucking Reagan), who also happens to be the god of the New World. RFR flew to the lads on his bald eagle. They went into battle against the disgusting SFR, and barely won. Shadow did not make it. However, the Other World was in ruins and was a vile land. So Percy & Merrick hopped onto the bald eagle with RFR and he took them to the New World. He gave them land to build up a town. This town would be named "Plainsburgh". This was the only time the divine and almighty RFR used a human body to speak to his worshipers. It was in the air, you could smell the dark forces of the SFR, the vile smell was strong from across the world. At this time RFR created a being, Jamal Clean the Estranged Uncle. Mr. Clean is RFR's prophet, he is an immortal cow. Even if his body were to be slain, his soul lies in his milk. A sacred item for the people of the New World is Jamal's milk, which is locked away with Messiah. C_8, or now known as DivineGod_ was once a great warrior fighting the early SFR, until he met an American woman named Nelle Wilson Reagan. Right away they got to work to form a being so powerful he would out-shine the SFR, Nelle, and C_8. After a few weeks, C_8 felt like he was going to throw up, he opened his mouth and out came RFR riding his bald eagle. RFR saw what has become of the Other World and went searching, eventually he found a portal. He went through it, he was greeted by lush and beautiful lands. RFR decided he was going to live here. RFR lives in the sky of the New World. Ever since his son abandoned him and became more powerful, C_8 (or DivineGod_) had a midlife crises and became a strange alien man who travels between the Other World and the New World. C_8 has made friends with Percy & Messiah. He is also the owner of Jamal Clean. 



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