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Brief description about yourself (Hobbies, age, occupation,etc): 


I am a dedicated person who enjoys handling organizations such as minecraft servers and trying to grow them. I enjoy the aspects of making a server appealing from advertisements, customizing plugin, and organizing events. However, I prefer mainly editing and creating new features for servers, as I find the general aspect of that more work and exciting. That's the type of person I am, I dedicate myself to something because I enjoy it. That's how it goes for school, and for games.

I rarely get offended or angry at people. In my daily life I tend to simply handle problems directly at hand while remaining calm. When it comes to people yelling, screaming, or generally acting improper I tend to remain calm and attempt to get them to relax as well. When I spent my time controlling my previous servers I handled a large amount of complaints against staff and players with the general mindset that both sides of an argument have a story to tell, and both should be heard. I started my interest in minecraft moderating because of being treated unfairly, and ever since I've strived to always hear both sides of an argument regardless of the situation. Though this can be frustrating, it's allowed me to communicate better with both players and staff during any interactions, and often a variety of players. People seem to appreciate hon

In my past time I also like playing Roblox Farmville when I'm not out working. For reference I won't disclose my age, but I am above the age of 16.

Reasons why you would make a great staff member:

My experience and dedication to a server.

Prior experience with being a moderator?:


Well I ran two servers for more than a year each, one lasting a year and a half and another lasting about a year. I'd say I'm rather experienced, as the servers ranged from 20-40 players on peak, with 20 being the regular player count. During this time I ensured the staff team was doing their job and that the players were satisfied and behaving properly, or at least not causing a complete mess.

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